My Carb Cycling Experiment - Maintaining Benefits of Keto while Eating More Carbs

My Carb Cycling Experiment – Maintaining Benefits of Keto while Eating More Carbs

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44 thoughts on “My Carb Cycling Experiment – Maintaining Benefits of Keto while Eating More Carbs

  1. I was just thinking about all this when you came out with this video. Sounds tricky and too early for me to try. The temporary insulin resistance with keto is real and many (like me) are not apprised of this and damage to themselves trying to hop on and off unstrategically. It should be discussed more.

  2. I am trying to figure out my carb cycle frequency.

    I did Keto 3+ years ago and lost 64 pounds. I put 45 back on after 3 years. Although I know some is muscle because my workouts are better. I got back on Keto January 1 this year and took off 25, 265 down to 240. Now I am trying to figure out if I can carb cycle to push through the cravings and change it up. I am only planning 2 weeks and then back to 6 weeks of Keto.

    My plan is to see if that works on continuing a fat loss journey or if I need to adjust to 8 and 2 or 6 and 3 or whatever. I hope to continue to lose slowly until I hot 220 and then figure out the cycle needed to maintain a 220-225 weight forever.

    I found having a planned carb cycle made pushing through any carb desires easier. I am Italian and giving up pasta forever is not going to happen.

    These tips help, also another video you had suggested going low fat at first which is what I am doing the first 7 days.

    Thank you

  3. I’ve been keto for over a year now and love it, but have sprinkled carbs throughout my routine lately, but have still been doing low-carb most of the time. Next week and for the next three weeks, I have decided to add black beans to one of my meals and see how it works and try to lower my fats just a little bit. I am nervous but excited to see how I feel!

  4. Thank you Thomas for always being so clear about what is based on research and what is anecdotal! 👍❤️ This was very interesting.

  5. I started keto and I actually enjoy it. But I do like to go out with my friends and drink socially. Can I drink alcohol keto? I also like to do hiit, but haven’t done it since starting keto, so I’m worried that I will have trouble with endurance on top of weight training

  6. I can be in ketosis for long periods, then eat a higher amount of carbs, and still feel fine. I used to be a carb addict. But, after several years low-carb and fat-adaptation, I seem to have become metabolically flexible. Is this unusual? Do most people on very low-carb diets really have trouble handling a bit more carbs that knock them out of ketosis?

  7. This makes me wonder something. I hypothesize if you were to repeat that multiple times, every time you come off and back on keto your body would get better at adapting and the transition period would get shorter

  8. This is good for me as Im just trying to be healthy. I can't afford to loose more than 10 pounds and going back to simple carbs works to keep me from loosing too much weight. I can't eat sugar as it makes me really sick. My fasting seems to happen naturally every 2 to 3 weeks I do IF for couple days easily and return to keto. Its what my body wants.

  9. I think everybody making videos should divide them in series that are meant to manage insulin best (without trying to lose weight) and a separate ones for those looking to lose weight

  10. If long term Keto will make us glucose intolerant, does it mean Keto is especially bad for diabetics unless they can stay on keto forever? It seems like the best path is quality low carb diet of say, 20% calories from carbs, with a one day/week 23 hour fast for ketosis and maybe even autophagy. That way you are neither taxing the beta cells nor giving them so much rest that they lose it (as in use it or lose it). The ability to do HIIT on 20% carb diet will probably make up for the bad effects of 10% extra carbs over strict keto diet

  11. the kcal to digest fat and kcal to digest carb in our body may not the same. Is it ok total kcal in a day same to consume carb cycling day and Keto day?

  12. There’s probably a way to be both fat and glucose tolerant we just don’t know it yet! So for a while let’s do keto with some days of eating carbs

    Edit: what if we do an adaptation period and then after this start slowly introducing carbs (good carbs) so that we would have the two types of mitochondria? I wanna become a scientist now to test this out 😂🤣

  13. Why not just have 1 high carb meal every 3-4 days (2* per week) after doing keto for a month. Would be enough to spike a bit of insulin, store some glycogen but improve performance…

    Doing 24 hour fasts every other day seems a bit unnecessary and inconvenient if I'm honest.

  14. I have listened to all your videos on this, got my chromium supplement and measuring ketone and glucose before and after my meals. The chromium really seem to help a lot! In the evening I got kicked out of keto and in the morning I had chromium after my breakfast- ketones went back up to 1.5 , glucose dropped down to 3.8. So curious to see how my body will adjust! Thanks for the knowledge 🙏

  15. I'm thinking about doing this with the regular Mediterranean diet for 1-2 weeks and sometimes do on and off 24 hour fasting. I feel like it makes sense to slowly introduce carbs like add 20 grams a day until I hit 100-150.

  16. During those 3 weeks of that sweet spot before and after.. Did you still use your keytone meter to see if you were still in ketosys and glucose monitor to test blood sugar levels? If so, what were the numbers like?

  17. While I support keto 100% I also think that carb tolerance and fat burning can increase after doing keto. So I agree with your experiment, because I did a similar one last year. Metabolic flexibility is what I am after and I don't like to demonize carbs or fats.

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  19. Dear Thomas DeLauer, interesting video. It made me thinking!

    Fasting completely does not really work for me, while I have no problem keeping a diet that gets me in moderate ketosis.

    What if you instead if fasting after the 3-4 weeks with carbs, ad in some days of keto diet? Doesn't it seem likely that would force the body to keep the ability to burn fat in the same way as when you are on the Keto diet full time?

    Hope to hear your thoughts on that.

  20. I like it!! Being a triathlete, I can't do ketogenic all the time, so i do add carbs around higher intensity days and events and then do IMF on low intensity weeks. It's like the best of both worlds. so far so good, Thanks Tom! Definitely more videos like this.

  21. We have to find the rightbalance between shfting from keto to carbcycling plus the benefits of IF in between both worlds..Thats the only way to do it., coz ull never be in ketosis, and consuming Carbs at the same time..

  22. I've gradually moved to a low carb diet 30-60 carbs for me and my body loves it i continued to loose weight and have tons more energy for workouts 🤓

  23. What do your macros look like on a high carb day? I have heard from some other videos that when we eat higher carbs we need to keep the fat very low? Thank you!

  24. Would tying to build/gain muscle with alternate day fasting require you to eat double your calories on the eating day as you need to be in a surplus to gain?

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