Baby G's Champtown 2 – Laxatives

Just checking in, it’s fight week! Thought you guys might want to know a great tip for cutting weight like a Champ. #alleventsintthisvideoarebasedonatruestoryeventhecharactersarethesame #donteventhinkaboutdoingthisunlessyouloveburninganuscramping #keepingitmuaytight source


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Training under 1000 calories | Fight week weigh in prep

MAILING LIST DO NOT, I repeat, do not copy this diet plan. Please speak to a medical professional if you wish to lose weight. This is purely an insight into … Read More

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John Kavanagh spoke to OTB AM’s Joseph Conroy ahead of MMA’s return to the 3Arena for Bellator 270 on Friday night – during the conversation he addressed the thorny issue … Read More

The Quickest And Healthiest Way To Lose Over 50 Pounds

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Cris Cyborg's history with weight cutting | OTL Archives | ESPN MMA

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